Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24 inch Pellet Grill - PG24CL - BBQ Grill Shop
Camp Chef  Woodwind WiFi 24 inch Pellet Grill - PG24CL

Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24 inch Pellet Grill - PG24CL

Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24 inch Pellet Grill - PG24CL
Material: Painted Steel
Color: Silver
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List Price: $799.99
Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24- Inch Pellet Grill - PG24CL. PG24CL. Freestanding Pellet Grills. Take your grilling game to the next level with the Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi, featuring all of your favorite Woodwind series features, plus a full- color display, WiFi and Bluetooth- enabled PID controller that lets you control your cooks from the palm of your hand. Set temperatures, adjust smoke levels, set timers and even receive notifications when your meat reaches desired temperature using the Camp Chef Connect app on your mobile device. With the turn of a knob or tap of a finger you can set temperatures as low as 160 degrees for smoking and up to 500 degrees for the perfect sear. Smart Smoke technology keeps your Camp Chef pellet grill within 15 degrees of your selected temperature. Adjust smoke intensity just as easily with 10 levels to choose from. The PID controller also allows you to connect and monitor up to 4 meat probes and grill temperatures simultaneously, it even has a built- in cover to protect the display when not in use. The Woodwind WiFi is constructed of durable powder coated steel with a stainless steel lid and fire box. It features a 19 1/2 by 22 inch enameled- steel primary cooking area and a 2- piece nickel plated upper rack for 797 square inches of total cooking space, all heated by up to 25,000 BTUs of cooking power. The 2- piece upper rack is also height adjustable, giving you more room for taller food without having to completely remove the upper rack. The automatic auger dispenses pellets as needed from the high capacity hopper, which holds up to 22 pounds of pellets at once and has a viewing window and pellet purge feature for emptying or changing out pellets. The hopper even has a built- in bottle opener and a chord wrap for extra convenience. Slide and Grill technology allows you to switch between direct and indirect flame cooking with just the pull of a knob. A continuous fan insures that your grill stays evenly heated and smoky, so every bit of food is