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BBQ Dragon  Chimney of Insanity XL - BBQD101

BBQ Dragon Chimney of Insanity XL - BBQD101

BBQ Dragon Chimney of Insanity XL - BBQD101
Material: Steel
Color: Silver
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List Price: $44.99
BBQ Dragon Chimney of Insanity XL - BBQD101. BBQD101. Charcoal Starters and Grill Lighters. BBQ Dragons Extra- Large Chimney of Insanity is the fastest and largest charcoal chimney available. A real monster! Holds 14 percent more charcoal than the biggest competitor. And its the only chimney with a side vent that allows easier use and faster starting. Just add starter material into the side hole, with no need to lift up the chimney. Designed specially to use the BBQ Dragon fan (sold separately) in the hole, to start charcoal ready to cook in just 3 minutes.The most advanced chimney ever made. Special patented 90- degree vent under the charcoal, lets you add fuel from the side, and also use a fan to speed lighting. No more waiting 20 minutes for your charcoal to be ready. XL sized fills even the biggest charcoal grill or smoker. So big youll need two hands on the extra- large handle! If you ever wished your chimney was bigger, this is the chimney for you.No need to lift up a hot chimney to add more fuel. Safer and more convenient to use. Just add more newspaper or wax fire starters in the side hole at any time to speed lighting. Starts charcoal faster by increasing oxygen flow through the charcoal. Aim any fan through the side hole to dramatically speed lighting. Works with any ignitor material: wax fire starters, newspaper, fire starter tablets, even egg cartons! Works on any charcoal grill or smoker.